Law to Fact

Consideration in Contracts

February 18, 2020 Wayne Barnes, Professor of Law at Texas A & M School of Law Episode 98
Law to Fact
Consideration in Contracts
Show Notes

In this episode...
Professor Wayne Barnes, Professor of Law at Texas A & M School of Law and a lecturer with Kaplan Bar Prep explains consideration in contracts.

Some key takeaways...

  1. Consideration is a bargained-for exchange
  2. The promisor must receive something of value in exchange for his promise
  3. The thing of value can be a return promise or performance. 

About our guest...

Professor Wayne Barnes teaches and writes about contract law.  His scholarly interests focus on contract law, including the implications of contract theory for ascertaining assent by consumers to standard form contracts. He has especially focused on such assent to form contracts in the online Internet context, and the implications of the online environment for the contracting process. He is a co-editor of the student edition of the venerable White & Summers treatise on the Uniform Commercial Code, the Learning Core Commercial Concepts coursebook by West Academic, and The Short & Happy Guide to Secured Transactions.  Prior to joining the faculty at Texas A&M, Professor Barnes practiced law for eight years in commercial litigation, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy, first at a law firm in Amarillo, Texas, and later at a large Dallas law firm. He is also the lead national Kaplan lecturer for Contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code, and also lectures for PMBR on MBE preparation.
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