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Steve Schwartz Explains the New LSAT

March 02, 2021 Steve Schwartz
Law to Fact
Steve Schwartz Explains the New LSAT
Show Notes

In this episode, Steve Schwartz, host of LSAT unplugged, explains the new LSAT format and how to prepare for it.

Some key takeaways: 

  1. The LSAT will be four timed sections instead of three.
  2. The Fourth Section will be experimental
  3. The time of the LSAT is now extended

About our guest....
For more than a decade, Steve Schwartz has helped thousands of students get into the law schools of their dreams, win large scholarships, and become successful attorneys.  He is the host of LSAT unplugged YouTube channels and LSAT Unplugged podcast.  In his quest to help every test-taker achieve their goal, Steve offers a Free Easy LSAT Cheat Sheet and LSAT Free Blog Stuff.

Check out all his materials at:
LSAT Unplugged Podcast
LSAT Unplugged YouTube
LSAT Unplugged Facebook Group
LSAT Blog Free Stuff
LSAT Easy Cheat Sheet
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