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Rule Making and Administrative Law

April 13, 2021 Josh Galperin, Assistant Professor at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University
Law to Fact
Rule Making and Administrative Law
Show Notes

In this episode...

Professor Josh Galperin explains government rule-making authority and provides a broad overview of topics covered in administrative law.

Some key takeaways....

  1. Administrative law is the law that governs day-to-day government operations. It explains how federal agencies like the EPA, FDA, or SEC get authority to act, restrictions on their actions, and judicial review of their work.
  2. Agencies make rules, adjudicate disputes, enforce law, and offer policy guidance.
  3. Rules are prospective and general policymaking while adjudication is case-by-case, fact-oriented dispute resolution.
  4. Guidance is the process, short of making official rules, where agencies make non-binding predictions about how they expect to exercise their power.

About our guest...
Professor Josh Galperin is currently a Visiting Associate Professor of Law at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  In the Fall of 2021, Prof. Galperin will join the Elisabeth Haub School of Law as an Assistant Professor of Law.  Prior to his position as a Visiting Associate Professor at University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Professor Galperin held several positions at Yale University. He served as Associate Director of the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, as a Research Scholar, Clinical Director, and Lecturer in Law at Yale Law School, and as a Lecturer and Director of the Environmental Law and Policy Program at the Yale School of the Environment. During his time at Yale, Professor Galperin also oversaw the Haub Law/Yale School of the Environment dual degree program and coordinated the Land Use Collaborative, a joint project of the Land Use Law Center and Haub Law and the Yale School of the Environment.
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